Born in Princeton, NJ in 1951. I am a text artist.

To make a long story short, I make paintings out of simple words, idioms and colloquialisms in American English. Piece by piece, I organize them into compositions which are inclusive and familiar.

Throwing some light on the subject, all the words are made in a digital font which is technical, empirical and precise while the idioms themselves are vague, amorphous and nonspecific.

Drawing conclusions from art, advertising and journalism, my artworks are composite signs of the times without reciting current events.

I designed the current version of my digital alphabet in 1990 and have been using it for all my studio work. My paintings are made from familiar words and used as reflections of cultural phenomena. Because of my neutralized alphabet I have a freedom, like a newspaper, to comment on anything, to work in grand themes as well as simple ones.

Over the years I have shown art in New York City, around the country and around some parts of the world. In addition to paintings I have had several public commissions in different parts of the world, flying a sign over Berlin, a street mural in Prague, eight murals laser etched in glass block for the Hudson Bergen Light Rail in Jersey City, a compass in granite in the Key West Botanical Garden. Recently, I designed large banners for the entry of the Boca Raton Museum of Art which acompanied my one man show of studio work. Also, I have had a few private commissions. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY and Stonington, CT. I am married to Jenny Dixon, the former director of the Noguchi Museum.

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